Out With the New and In With the Old

Pic 4.2 Heckling shop

Out With the New and In With the Old

We’re moving! That’s right, Visulizethis HQ is upping sticks and tottering down the road to Irvine’s Heckling Shop. Swapping out our cozy, contemporary digs for the humbling habitat where Rabbie Burns himself earned his bread.

Needless to say we are feeling excited and inspired. Having collected the keys and had a nosey at the blank canvas interior there is no doubt that the  ‘Bard of Ayrshire’ has left some of his creative spirit in the air. There is a lot of work to be done by the Visualizethis fairies but it won’t be long before our friends, new, old and yet to come will be enjoying our company, snug under our beautiful, old, thatched roof.


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