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David and Golphin fans. Visualizethis collaborate with Golphin at the Northern Ireland Open

Last week Visualizethis got hands on, collaborating with Golphin to promote Golphinforkids at the NI Open. Despite returning with rather tired vocal chords, we are all feeling energised from the success of the event.

The balance Visualizethis has achieved with the design of Golphins promotional items, aiming to attract both adults and kids, was a hole in one. The unique presentation of the Golphin stand drew interest from the other promoters at the event and event goers alike. This forward thinking children’s golf brand certainly made its mark at this world class event.

Golf is predominantly an adults world. Introducing children to golf can be tricky and often companies neglect this area of the market. It’s a difficult sport for little ones to pick up… literally, when clubs for children are so often bulky and heavy. Golphin invented a light weight golf club with a larger sweet spot to combat this problem. Product development and testing with professionals and kids led to production and launch of the Golphin product range in the spring of 2014.

Back in 2012 Golphin approached Visualizethis looking for help with brand identity for the Golphinforkids range. We have come a long way since then. Designing, developing and most exciting of all, the production of promotional items, products and an e-commerce website, it is always a proud moment for us to witness all our hard work being positively received by the public.